How To Handle Rejection

Dear Believer and Visionator, AFear of Rejections human beings, we are born with the desire to be loved unconditionally, have significance in the world and enjoy a sense of security. When we do not experience these things, we feel rejected. This can, in turn, impact our sense of self, our relationship with God and others and how we approach our God-given vision. Do you find that you have bitterness in your heart or that you have been second guessing God or that you have lost focus of the ultimate goal? If so, you may have experienced some form of rejection that is taking a toll on your life and it must be dealt with immediately. Not just your life BUT  God’s vision for your life.

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color="#ff8c00"]“Conquer the Fear of Rejection: You, Your Vision & Rejection” Coaching Program[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

Will help you do just that!

This program offers a definitive structure to help VISIONATORS (YOU)  to move forward unapologetically with their God-given vision. SO you can manifest!

In my own experience in dealing with rejection, I have discovered that people who are natural entrepreneurs tend to experience rejection more often than others. This is partly due to our willingness to take more risks but it is also due, in part, to the call that God has placed on our lives.

Happ womenBecause we are creative thinkers, visionaries, often coming up with “out of the box” ideas, we are predisposed to more judgment from others, regardless of the potential of those innovative ideas. But when those ideas are shot down by those we care for or love, the impact can be even more profound. If we are not vigilant, we can began to harbor feelings of rejection and defeat and this can begin to interfere with our vision attainment as well as our own personal walk with God. The “You, Your Vision and Rejection” coaching  program gives you the truth about rejection; tells you what you really need to know about rejection including its consequences and equips you with the tools necessary to eliminate the impact of rejection from your life SO you can manifest. The reality is you cannot control other people therefore rejection will happen. In this coaching program, I share how you can prepare for objections in regards to your vision and then how you can overcome the resulting feelings (of rebuff) that surfaces as a result of past and present rejection. [features_box_yellow width="75%" + border="2px"] In the “You, Your Vision & Rejection” coaching program, you will gain tools and tips that will help you:

  • Understand the impact fear of rejection has on you and your vision and how it keeps you from living an abundant life
  • Identify the internal and external symptoms of rejection
  • Remove the impact of rejection so you can do God’s will
  • Get your vision back on track
  • Heal the wounds caused by past rejection so you can move forward


  • The practical steps to overcome fear of rejection
  • The two destination points rejection will have if certain actions are not taken
  • God’s truths about you and your vision
  • How to embrace full acceptance of what God has already ordained for your life
  • A.C.T. Model

With the “You, Your Vision & Rejection: How to Remove the Impact of Rejection for GOOD!” coaching program, you’ll receive a:

90-minute  2-part downloadable audio teaching AND Workbook that guides you in implementing the step by step instructions so you can TAKE ACTION NOW!

 You Your Vision and Rejection


One Payment of $47 Get Instant Access!


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Are you in a vision pit, where you have lost sight of your vision?


Are you on a vision detour, where your vision seems delayed?

Well, it is critical that you deal with the impact of rejection immediately so that you can dig your way out of that pit and get off the detour so that you may complete your journey. Releasing it will then free you up to begin walking out the vision that God gave you. With this program, you won’t have to suffer in silence another day. To your abundance and prosperity!

Nanette Floyd Patterson, MA, LPC, CEO Author, Master HIScoach™, Christian Spiritual Counselor.

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NFP croppedAuthor, Master HIScoach™, Christian Counselor and Ordained Elder. She is CEO of The Seed Planter Coaching & Counseling, PLLC and has been counseling and coaching women for over 15 years.  She uses her God-given gift of feeling others’ passion to help them yield to the vision, conquer vision blockers, discover their D.E.S.I.G.N. and manifest the vision. She also oversees HIScoach Training Academy where she certifies others to be Spirit-led, Christian Coaches (HIScoach™).  She is the author of Road to Vision Manifestation: 31 Road Tips for Vehicles and Vessels of God and is currently working on her second book Get Thee Behind Me, Depression!  She offers spiritual guidance and practical steps to help individuals overcome emotional hindrances to what God called them to do. To find out more about workshops, classes and programs, visit her at You can also visit her at or follow her on

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